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Mir_Taqi_Mir_1786Meer Taqi Meer, the great 18th century poet is also known and acknowledged by centuries of poets after him, as Khuda-e-sukhan – the God of poetry.

This couplet by the 19th century poet laureate of the Mughal court, Ibrahim Zauq summarises the greatness of Meer as someone who had many poets trying to imitate Meer’s style of poetry, but with little success:

Na Huwa Par Na Huwa Meer Ka Andaaz Naseeb,
Zauq Yaron Ne Bahut Zor Ghazal Mein Maara

And Mirza Ghalib’s famous couplet showing his allegiance and respect to Meer, is below, where he disregards his own greatne

Mirza Ghalib

Mirza Ghalib

ss in the light of Meer’s magnificence:

Reekhta Ke Tum Hi Ustaad Nahi Ho Ghalib,
Kehte Hain Agle Zamane Mein Koi Meer Bhi Tha

You alone are not the master of ghazals and poetry, Ghalib
I hear there was a poet by the name of Meer as well, in an era gone by

This article in the Lucknow Observer is a beautiful ode to the God of poetry, Meer Taqi Meer: http://lucknowobserver.com/khuda-e-sukhan-in-lucknow/

An excerpt from the article:
It is believed that in ghazal writing no one excelled Meer and this is acknowledged by prominent poets for centuries. Nasikh observes that he who does not appreciate the greatness of Meer is himself devoid of worth. Meer’s poems are still regarded as models of good ghazal writing.

The ghazal is an important aspect of Urdu poetry and as Meer excels in ghazal writing he is naturally regarded to be a great Urdu poet. His place is unequalled in the history of Urdu literature, giving him the title of Khuda-e Sukhan, or the god of poetry.