untitledFor all Urdu lovers like us, there is a new TV channel launching this week – Zindagi – from the Zee TV group, which, we think, will be a treasure trove of stories peeking into the language and culture of the Urdu zabaan, specially with most stories originating from across the border in Pakistan. Some of the shows that are lined up for the launch have been covered on our blog before (Zindagi Gulzar hain being the lead show). Below is a poem and also the title of another show called Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain. The poem has been written by Gulzar saab and sung by Mitali Singh. The show is an anthology series of 90 minute telefilms promoted as a “collection of assorted love stories” which premiered on Hum TV in Pakistan and premieres on Zindagi, this week. The show is based on short stories on real life situations and is hosted by Kirron Kher in India.

The title poem and its English translation is below and a link to the video.

Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain

gulzarKitni girhein kholi hain maine, kitni girhein ab baaki hai
paanv mein payal, baahon mein kangan, gale mein hansli, kamar band, challe aur bichue
naak kaan chidwaayein gaye hain, aur zevar zevar kehte kehte
reet rivaaj ke rassiyon se main jakdi gayi, uff kitni tarah main pakdi gayi

ab chilne lage hain haath paanv, aur kitni kharaashein ubhri hain,
kitni girhein kholi hain maine, kitni rassiyaan utari hain
Ang ang mera roop rang, mere naksh nain, mere bol bain
meri aawaaz mein koyal ki tareef hui, mere zulf saanp, meri zulf raat,
zulfon mein ghata mere lab gulaab, meri aankhein sharaab
ghazal aur nazmein kehte kehte husn aur ishq ke afasano mein main jakdi gayi
uff kitni tarah main pakdi gayi

main poochun zara, aankhon mein sharaab dikhe sabko, akaash nahi dekha koi
saawan bhado to dikhe magar, kya dard nahi dekha koi
phan ki jheeni si chaadar mein, buth cheele gaye uriyaani ke
taaga taaga karke poshaaq utaari gayi
mere jism pe phan ki mashq hui, aur art kala kehte kehte sange marmar mein jakdi gayi
batlaaye koi batlaaye koi, kitni girhein kholi hain maine, kitni girhein ab baaki hain

How many knots have I set free, how many still remain?
Anklets for the feet, bangles for the arms, necklace on the neck, waistband, rings and toe rings,
My nose and ears were pierced, and with each ornament,
I found myself chained in the ropes of customs, oh the way I have been caught (chained)

Now my hands and feet have begun to develop scrapes and cuts, and so many bruises have surfaced up
Since I started untying the knots, and removed so many ropes off myself
Every part of my body, my facial features, my talks and mannerisms,
My voice was praised by comparing it to that of the singing bird, to some my hair is like a serpent, to some it’s like the night, to others my hair is like the clouds, my lips like the rose, my eyes (as intoxicating) as alcohol,
And in this way I have been imprisoned in different songs and poems of beauty and love, oh the ways in which I have been chained.

I would like to ask those who saw my eyes, and found them intoxicating like liquor, but didn’t they see the sky in them (her dreams)
They see rain clouds in my eyes, didn’t they see the pain (that comes from being restrained)
In the name of this lightly woven cloth called art, naked, statues were carved out,
thread by thread I was unclothed,
On my body, art was practiced ( statues paintings songs of women), and in the name of art, I was trapped in marble
Someone please tell me, how many knots did I untie, how many still remain?

(Inputs to the English translation have been taken from: http://krithya.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/kitni-girhein-kholi-hai-maine-lyrics-and-translation/)

Link to the video: