An outstanding ghazal by Faiz Ahmed Faiz that portrays the beauty of love and romance and the emotions that come with it, of separation, of fulfillment, of disappointment, of negotiating with one’s own thoughts and desires and more.



shaam-e-firaaq ab na pooch, aayi aur aa ke tal gayi
dil tha ke phir bahal gaya, jaan thi ke phir sambhal gayi

Ask not of the night of separation; it came, and it passed away
My heart found a way to please itself again; life found a way to get back on track again

bazm-e-khayaal mein tere husn ki shama jal gayi
dard ka chaand bujh gaya, hijr ki raat dhal gayi

In the gathering (mehfil) of my thoughts, the candle of your beauty was lit
the moonlight of pain died down, the night of separation slipped away

jab tujhe yaad kar liya, subah mehak mehak uthi
jab tera gham jaga liya, raat machal machal gayi

Whenever you were remembered, the mornings became fragrant
when your pain was awakened, the nights grew restless

dil se to har muamla kar ke chale they saaf hum
kehne mein unke saamne, baat badal badal gayi

In my heart I had sorted all the issues before setting out
but when speaking before her, (my) words changed themselves

aakhir-e-shab ke humsafar, Faiz na jaane kya huey
reh gayi kis jagah sabaa, subah kidhar nikal gayi

What happened of the fellow-travelers at the end-of-the-night, Faiz?
At what crossroad did the breeze get left behind? And when did dawn disappear

This beautiful ghazal is brought to life by Farida Khanum in the link below: