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Sanjida means serious/solemn/grave

Given below is the word ‘Sanjida‘ used in a sentence.

Kya aap Sanjida hai?
Are you serious?

The word is also used in a poem  ‘Woh Kamra yaad aata hai’ By Javed Akhtar. The entire poem and its meaning has been published on our blog, the link is here: https://urduwallahs.wordpress.com/2013/06/22/woh-kamra-yaad-aata-hai-javed-akhtar

An excerpt which has the word from the poem is given below:

taak mein aur shelf par
sanjida ustaani bani bhaitin
magar sab muntazir is baat ki
main unse kuch poochoon
in the alcove and on the shelf,
sat like some serious school mam,
but they waited for me,
to ask something.