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Malegaon is second largest city of Nashik district after Nashik itself in Maharashtra state India. The vast city’s education system has been able to support various languages ( Urdu/Marathi/English) through numerous institutions. There are enough number of schools available for primary, Secondary and Higher Scondary education. There are junior colleges and senior colleges too affiliated by Pune Uniersity. One can find the engineering college also but there is an urgent need of Medical Colleges and Management Institutions. The students of Malegaon are forced to travel to nearby cities for higher education.

With hundreds of Urdu Schools, Colleges and Madrasas, Malegaon is major centre of the Urdu Language in modern India. Urdu is prevalent in all eastern parts of city. There still exists sign boards in Urdu in all parts of city much similar to undivided India. Malegaon Municipal Corporation releases its meeting agenda’s and proceedings in Urdu since 4th Dec 2013. Malegaon Municipal Corporation has been named with freedom fighter and first Indian education minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Bhawan. Malegaon is full of Urdu lovers, poets, writers and journalists. Malegaon hosted ten days Urdu Festival starting from 3rd Jan 2014.

Malegaon Urdu book fair breaks NCPUL’s all time best sale record Malegaon. A total of 38 publishers from all across the country are showcasing Urdu books of different titles and on wide ranging topics in 62 stalls.

Besides men of all ages, the book fair attracts a large number of women and children.  Ejaz Publishing House  Maktaba Al Hasanat, New Delhi are very popular with the people


“The Book ‘Zinda Rood’, the biography of Allama Iqbal written by his son Javed Iqbal costing Rs.1200/-, has been the best-selling book so far. Among other best sellers are the books on religion, history, Geography, Medical, Science, Economics, Urdu literature and recipe besides a huge demand for children literature.


This successful URDU MELA was the result of participation of urdu lovers of Malegaon and suburban cities. Malegaon dwellers and urdu lovers spent their own money for the publicity of this event.


Malegaon’s notoriously wacky spoof industry has introduced many classic Hollywood and Bollywood characters to the satellite town of Malegaon by giving them its quintessential dialogue, looks, circumstances and well, food. After having conquered local imagination with such cult spoofs as Malegaon ke Sholay,Malegaon ka James Bond and Supermen of Malegaon, the impoverished film-maker invaded national television with his second version of Malegaon ka chintu, Chintu ban gaya Gentleman, a mute comedy based loosely on Mr. Bean.