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Ibn-e-Safi (also spelled as Ibne Safi)  was the pen name of Asrar Ahmad, a best-selling and prolific fiction writer, novelist and poet of Urdu. The word Ibn-e-Safi is an Arabian expression which literally means Son of Safi, where the word Safi

Ibne Safi at around 18yrs

Ibne Safi at around 18yrs

means chaste or righteous. He wrote from the 1940s in India, and later Pakistan after the independence of British India in 1947.

Ibne Safi’s prose work can be classified into two categories:

  • Mystery novels
  • Short stories and articles of humor and mockery


His main works were the 125-book series Jasoosi Duniya  (The Spy World) and the 120-book Imran Series , with a small canon of satirical works and poetry. His novels were characterized by a blend of mystery, adventure,suspense,violence,romance and comedy, achieving massive popularity across a broad readership in South Asia.

The first English translations of Ibne Safi’s mystery novels began appearing in 2010, with The House of Fear from the Imran Series, published by Random House India. In 2011, Blaft Publications in association with Tranquebar released four more novels, this time from the Jasoosi Duniya series, translated by the highly acclaimed Urdu critic Shamsur Rahman Faruqi.

You can find more details here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibn-e-Safi