Daagh DehlviA beautiful ghazal, written by Daagh Dehlvi that has been brought alive in Abida Parveen’s enchanting voice:

Le chala jaan meri rooth ke jana tera
aise aanay se to behtar tha na aana tera

My beloved you walk away irritated by me
The way you came, it was better for you to have not come at all

Tu jo ay zulf pareshaan raha karti hai
kis ke ujre howay dil mein hai thikana tera

The way you stay troubled, like tangled hair
Whose desolate heart do you have bearing in

Aarzoo hee na rahi subh-e-watan ki mujh ko
sham-e-ghurbat hai ajab waqt sunhana tera

I had no desires to be at my homeland in the morning
The alienation of the evening, you are a beautiful time

Tu khuda to nahi, ae naaseh naadaan mera
kya khata ki jo kaha maine na maana tera

O preacher of mine, you are not God
What did I do wrong when I did not believe in you

Link to the ghazal in Abida Parveen’s voice is here: