gulzarGulzar saab expresses his love for the Urdu zabaan, at the 70th Birthday celebrations of the late Jagjit Singh. Thank you Gulzar saab for giving us so many more reasons to keep loving this language.
Absolutely beautiful poetry by Gulzar saab below:

Yeh kaisa ishq hai Urdu zabaan ka, Yeh kaisa ishq hai Urdu zabaan ka
Mazaa ghulta hai lafzon ka zabaan par, ki jaise paan mein mehenga kimaam ghulta hai
Yeh kaisa ishq hai Urdu zabaan ka..
Nasha aata hai Urdu bolne mein
Gilauri ki tarah hai mooh lagi sab istalaahe, lutf deti hai
Halaq chhuti hai Urdu toh, halaq se, jaise, mai ka ghoot utarta hai
Badi aristocracy hai zabaan mein
Fakiri mein nawabi ka mazaa deti hai Urdu
Agarche maani kam hoti hai Urdu mein
Alfaaz ki yeh farhaat hoti hai
magar phir bhi, Bulund awaaz padhiye toh bahut hee mohatabar lagti hai baatein
Kahin kuch door se kaano mein padti hai agar Urdu,
Toh lagta hai ke din jaado ke hai, khidki khuli hai, dhoop andar aa rahi hai
Ajab hai yeh zabaan, Urdu
Kabhi yunhi safar karte, agar koi musafir sher padh de Meer, Ghalib ka
Woh chahe ajnabi ho, yahi lagta hai woh mere watan ka hai
Badi shaista lehje mein kisi se Urdu sun kar
Kya nahi lagta ke ek tehzeeb ki awaaz hai, Urdu

A very loose English translation is below, though we must agree that a lot of the essence is truly lost in translation. Here is a feeble attempt:

What is this love with the Urdu language,
The beauty of the words mix together into the language, as if, some premium fragrant paste is being mixed into a betel-leaf
What is this love with the Urdu language,
There is a feeling of intoxication when speaking Urdu..
Like when a ready made betel-leaf touches the mouth, there is a sense of beauty and grace
When Urdu touches the throat, it is as if, a sip of wine is soothes the throat
There is tremendous aristocracy in the Urdu language
In a state of penury, it gives one a feeling of royalty
In case the words appear meaningless, in Urdu, there is the cheerfulness of the words
Yet still, if one reads it in a loud clear voice, there is a romance to the language
If, from somewhere afar, Urdu words float to one’s ears
It seems as if, in days of winter, the windows are open, and the sun is shining through
Mystical is this language, Urdu
Sometime, just like that, one is travelling, and a co-traveller, happens to read some couplets of Meer or Ghalib
Even if he is a stranger, it feels as if he is from my town, my country
In a very polite manner, when you hear someone speak Urdu
Doesn’t it feel like the sound of culture, Urdu

Here is the link to Gulzar saab reciting the poetry in his own unique style:
Yeh kaisa ishq hai Urdu zabaan ka..