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Hawaa means Eve

Hawaa’ as Eve is derived from حوى which means “container of life” , where life is Hayat حياة . And thus said to mean “mother of the living”.  Another opinion indicates that it means “the one who contained Adam’s heart”.

The difference between Air and Eve which in english is read as hawa or hawaa are pronounced very differently in Urdu. The word hawaa in Eve has a nasal sound at the end of the word.

AIR = هواء
EVE = هوى

Given below are a few lines from the song ‘jinhein naaz hai hind par woh, kahaan hain’, from the film Pyaasa which uses the word “Hawaa”
madad chaahtee hai yeh hawwa kee betee,
The daughter of Eve needs help, yashoda kee hamm-jins radha kee betee,
The likes of Yashoda, the daughter of Radha,

payambar kee ummat, zulekha kee betee,
The prophets nation, the daughter of Zulekha 

jinhein naaz hai hind par woh, kahaa.n hai.n,
Those who are proud of Hind, where are you?