MarasimMarasim means relations or connections. Marasim was the name of a music album with ghazals written by Gulzar saab and songs sung by Jagjit Singh.

Here is the beautiful prelude to the album Marasim that was released by the two stalwarts.

Subah subah ik khwab ki dastak par darwaza khola, dekha
Sarhad ke us paar se kuchh mehmaan aaye hain

Aankhon se maanoos the saarey
Chehre saarey sune sunaaye
Paanv dhoye, Haath dhulaye
Aangan mein aasan lagwaaye…
Aur tandoor pe makki ke kuchh mote mote rot pakaye

Potli mein mehmaan mere
Pichhale saalon ki faslon ka gud laaye the

Aankh khuli to dekha ghar mein koi nahin tha
Haath lagakar dekha to tandoor abhi tak bujha nahin tha
Aur hothon pe meethe gud ka zaayka ab tak chipak raha tha

Khwab tha shayad! Khwab hi hoga! !

Sarhad par kal raat, suna hai, chali thi goli
Sarhad par kal raat, suna hai kuchh khwaabon ka khoon hua hai

English translation:

Early in the morning, a dream came knocking on my door, and I saw
From across the border, some guests had come home
They were familiar people, their faces seemed like we had met before
We washed their feet and hands, And got them settled in the courtyard
And some hot & fresh rotis (bread) of corn were put into the tandoor (barbeque) for them
The guests had carried something in their bag,
The harvest of jaggery from the last season

When my eyes opened, I realized there was no one in the house
I touched the tandoor (barbeque) to realize it was still warm
And the sweet sticky taste of jaggery was still lingering on my lips

It was a dream I guess. It must have been a dream.

Last night at the border, I hear there were gunshots
Last night at the border, some more dreams have been murdered

Here is the link to this poem in Gulzar saab’s voice: