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Rusva is a commonly used Urdu word which means dishonoured. The word is generally used as ruswa hona (to be dishonored) or ruswa karna (to dishonor someone).

Jagjit Singh’s ghazal Ek purana mausam guzra’ from the album Marasim (meaning relationship) written by Gulzar saab, has a couplet with this lafz. Here is the entire ghazal and a link to the song sung by Jagjit Singh.

ek puraanaa mausam lautaa yaad bhari purvaai bhi
aisaa to kam hi hotaa hai vo bhi ho tanhaai bhi

yaadon ki bauchhaaron se jab palken bheegne lagti hain
kitni saundhi lagti hai tab maazi ki rusvaai bhi

do do shaqlen dikhti hain is behke se aaine mein
mere saath chalaa aayaa hai aap kaa il saudaai bhi

Khaamoshi kaa haasil bhi ik lambi si Khaamoshi hai
un ki baat sunii bhi hamne apni baat sunaai bhi

A lost time has returned, with a breeze of memories
This happens only rarely, that she is there and so is solitude

When the eyes become wet with a burst of memories
There are mixed emotions even when thinking of a dishonored part

I see two-two faces of mine in this crazy mirror
There seems to be someone with me who is crazy in love with you,

To attain silence is in itself a long silence
Her thoughts were also heard, my thoughts were also spoken

Here is also a song from the Kishore Kumar starrer, Mr X in Bombay, released in 1964.
The first 2 lines go thus:

Mere Mehboob qayamat hogi,
aaj rusva teri galiyon mein mohabbat hogi
Naam niklega tera hee lab se,
jaan jab iss dil-e-nakaam se rukhsat hogi

My love, justice will be served one day
Love will be dishonored in your streets today
Your name will only be mentioned,
From the lips of this jilted lover