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Shankardas Kesarilal (August 30, 1923 – December 14, 1966), popularly known by his pen name Shailendra, was a popular Indian Hindi lyricist. Noted for his association with the filmmaker Raj Kapoor and the composers Shankar – Jaikishan, he wrote lyrics for several successful Hindi film songs in the 1950s and the 1960s.

Shailendra hailed from Ara district of Bihar and started his career as a welder with Indian Railways. His job brought him to Mumbai (then Bombay) in 1947. He started writing poetry during these days.

Actor/Director Raj kapoor with Lyricist Shailendra (r)

Actor/Director Raj kapoor with Lyricist Shailendra (r)

The filmmaker Raj Kapoor noticed Shailendra, when the latter was reading out his poem Jalta hai Punjab at a mushaira (poetic symposium). Kapoor offered to buy poems written by Shailendra and use them for his movie Aag (1948). He went on to write lyrics for films such as Awara, Shri 420, Guide, Sangam, Anari, Kala Bazar, Teesri Kasam and many others.



Given Below are the lyrics (with the english translation) of one his songs ” Sajan re jhoot mat bolo” from the film Teesri Kasam(1966), which won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film.

Sajan re jhoot mat bolo
Khudaa ke paas jaana hai
Na haathi hai na ghoda hai
Wahan paidal hi jaana hai
Sajan re jhoot mat bolo
Sweetheart, don’t tell lies
Because eventually, you’ll have to show your face before God
There are no elephant or horse carriages up there
You can only walk there
Don’t tell lies sweetheart

Tumhaare mahal chaubaare
Yahin reh jaayenge saare
Akad kis baat ki pyaare
Yeh sar phir bhi jhukaana hai
Sajan re jhoot mat bolo, khuda ke paas jaana hai
You may have big palaces now,
But you will have to leave those here
Why do you bother to hold up your ego in pride
When you eventually will have to bow your head
Sweetheart, don’t tell lies; you will eventually have to face God.

Bhalaa kije bhalaa hoga
Buraa kije buraa hoga
Wahi likh-likh ke kya hoga
Yahin sab kuch chukaana hai
Sajan re jhoot mat bolo, khudaa ke paas jaana hai
If you are good, then you will be rewarded.
If you are bad, then bad will come back to you.
What’s the point in keeping track of these matters now
When you have to eventually pay your dues here
Sweetheart, don’t tell lies; you will be facing God someday

Ladakpan khel mein khoya
Jawaani neend bhar soya
Budhaapa dekhar roya
Wohi kissa puraana hai
Sajan re jhoot mat bolo khuda ke paas jaana hai
I spent my childhood playing
My youth was spent sleeping
And old age saw this and cried
That this is the same old story
Sweetheart, don’t tell lies; you will have to come before God some day.

You can listen to the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XDHmknKBDM