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Clark House is nestled in a busy neighborhood of mumbai. The name plate outside the house is written in several Indian languages including Urdu.

Clark House in Urdu

Clark House in Urdu

Clark House was once an office of pharmaceutical research, an antiques store, and the shipping office of the Thakur Shipping Company that had links to countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Japan.
Clark House Initiative is a curatorial collaborative and a union of artists based in Bombay.Curatorial interventions in the space hope to continue, differently, this history of internationalism, experiment and research. It was established in October 2010 as a curatorial collaborative concerned with ideas of freedom.
Each of the founders at some point or another criss-crossed and worked together at the CSMVS museum in Mumbai. They would walk across the museum to this beautiful old building, under which they used to talk, imagining the changes they felt were pressing. That beautiful, decrepit building was called Clark House, from which they took our name, and from where their projects are based.
Currently Clark House showcases Neo Dyanamisms a stunning solo debut by Naresh Kumar. Naresh Kumar is among the large Bihari Diaspora that inhabits Delhi, and Biharis are a the dominant migrant group across the country. Through various installations Naresh questions the concept of migration and how it has affected him and Bihar.
By Naresh Kumar

By Naresh Kumar

Location & Directions:
c/o RBT Group, Ground Floor, Clark House building, Colaba
8 Nathalal Parekh Marg
(Old Wodehouse Road),
Bombay 400039.
Opposite Sahakari Bhandar and Regal Cinema,
next to Woodside Inn.