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Wajood means existence

Given below is a couplet from the poem ” Sadma to hai mujhe bhi” from Jagjit Singh’s album ‘A milestone’. The lyrics are written by Qateel Shifai which beautifully explains this word.

Bikhra pada hai tere hi ghar mein tera wajood,
bekaar mehfilon mein tuje dundhta hun mein.


In your own house your existence lies scattered,

Unnecessarily i search for you in gatherings.

You can listen to the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHLeNW1PiO0

Another use of the word Wajood:

Major ideas in Sufi Metaphysics have surrounded the concept of waḥdah (meaning “unity”). Two main Sufi philosophies prevail on this controversial topic. waḥdat al-wajood literally means the “Unity of Existence“. On the other hand, waḥdat ash-shahood, meaning “Apparentism” or “Unity of Witness“, holds that God and his creation are entirely separate. Some Islamic reformers have claimed that the difference between the two philosophies differ only in semantics and that the entire debate is merely a collection of “verbal controversies” which have come about because of ambiguous language.