Here is an interesting project by Sufi Studios who are illustrating the poems of Jelaluddin Rumi in their upcoming book titled “Sufi Comics: Rumi”.

Rumi’s works are written in Persian. His poetry has influenced Persian literature as well as Urdu, Punjabi, Turkish and other Iranian, Turkic and Indic languages written in Perso-Arabic script such as Pashto, Ottoman Turkish, Chagatai and Sindhi.

The link below showcases the illustrations of Rumi’s poem “Keep your dragon in the snow”, by Sufi Studios. An excerpt from the poem is here:

dragon“A self-styled “dragon hunter” went into the mountains to trap a dragon.
He searched all over the mountain, and at last discovered the frozen body of an enormous dragon in a cave high up on one of the tallest peak.
The hunter brought the body to Baghdad.
He claimed that he had slaughtered it single-handedly & exhibited it on the banks of Euphrates.
Thousands of people turned out to see the dragon.
The heat of the Baghdad sun started to warm up the dragons body and it began to
stir, slowly awakening from its winter hibernation…”