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Did you know that Poet Majaz Lucknawi is buried in Nishatganj graveyard, Lucknow. The epitaph written on his grave at Nishatganj graveyard aptly sums up his life:”Ab iskey baad subah hai aur subah-e-nau Majaz, Hum Per hai khatam Sham-e-Gariban-e-Lucknow…..”

Translation: After this there will be a morning and a new morning Majaz, with me, will end the darkness of traditions in Lucknow.

There are many interesting anecdotes about him:

The grave of Majaz Lucknawi in Nishatganj graveyard, Lucknow.

The grave of Majaz Lucknawi in Nishatganj graveyard, Lucknow. 

*Majaz has the honour of writing the university anthem of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) of which he was also a student. During his days at AMU, Majaz was a favourite among girls. One of his associates Dr Sharib Rudaulvi recalls that a lottery used to take place in girls hostel on who will be keeping his ghazal book beneath their pillow.

*Noted Urdu litterateur Ismat Chugtai had once remarked to Majaz, “Girls love Majaz to such an extent that it cannot be explained.” Majaz known for his witty sense of humour replied: “But they marry rich people in their life.”