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Yaaron khataa ma’af meri, main nashe mein hoon,
Saghar mein mai, mai mein nasha, main nashe mein hoon
Meer Taqi Meer
Friends forgive my sins, I’m inebriated. There’s wine in the cup, intoxication in the wine, I’m inebriated

The word Sharab can be broken into ‘Shar’, which has its roots in Persian and connotes violence or trouble.
‘Aab’ is the Urdu word for water. Hence, shar-aab is water that creates trouble, otherwise known as liquor or wine.
Another word for sharaab in Urdu is also ‘mai’.

Urdu literature has used many motifs of intoxication. Join us at mehfil as we explore this theme through the works of various poets, writers and film songs.

Date: 14.01.14

Time: 7pm-9pm

Place: Prithvi Adda