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Abru means Honour/Fame/Respect also means eyebrow in Urdu

Given below is a beautiful poem written by poet Muhammad Iqbal in one of his finest works – Bang e Dara (The Call of the Marching Bell )

The Flower

Tujhe Kyun Fikar Hai Ae Gul Dil-e-Sad Chaak-e-Bulbul Ki
Tu Apne Pairhan Ke Chaak To Pehle Rafoo Kar Le

O flower! Why do you care for the nightingale’s wounded heart
First you should darn the slits of your own shirt!

Tamanna Abru Ki Ho Agar Gulzar-e-Hasti Mein
To Kanton Mein Ulajh Kar Zindagi Karne Ki Khu Kar Le

If you long for respect in the rose garden of existence
You should get accustomed to living entangled in thorns!

Sanobar Bagh Mein Azad Bhi Hai, Pa Ba Gill Bhi Hai
Inhi Pabandiyon Mein Hasil Azadi Ko Tu Kar Le

The juniper in the garden is free as well as chained to the soil
You should acquire freedom within these constraints!

Tunak Bakhshi Ko Istaghna Se Pegham-e-Khajalat De
Na Reh Minnat Kash-e-Shabnam, Nigun Jaam-o-Saboo Kar Le

With contentment give message of embarrassment to miserliness
Do not remain obliged to dew, you should empty the cup and the bottle!

Nahin Ye Shan-e-Khud-Dari, Chaman Se Torh Kar Tujh Ko
Koi Dastaar Mein Rakh Le, Koi Zaib-e-Guloo Kar Le

It does not befit self respect that being picked from the garden
You should be put in some turban or pinned to some collar!

Chaman Mein Ghuncha-e-Gul Se Ye Keh Kar Urh Gyi Shabnam
Mazaq-e-Jour-e-Gulcheen Ho To Paida Rang-o-Bu Kar Le

The dew disappeared from garden saying to the flower bud
If you love gardener’s oppression, you should create beauty

Agar Manzoor Ho Tujh Ko Khazan Na-Ashna Rehna
Jahan-e-Rang-o-Bu Se, Pehle Qataa-e-Arzu Kar Le

If you want to remain unacquainted with autumn
First you should abandon the desire for the beauty’s world

Iss Mein Dekh, Muzmir Hai Kamal-e-Zindagi Tera
Jo Tujh Ko Zeenat-e-Daman Koi Aaeena Ru Kar Le

Look, in this alone is concealed your life’s perfection!
If you should be the decoration of some beauty’s robe!