Another gem from From Jagjit Singh’s album ‘Love is Blind’. If anyone knows the poet, do let us know –

aaj phir unkaa samnaa hoga
kya pata us ke baad kya hoga
aasman ro raha hai do din say
aap ne kuch kaha suna hoga
do qadam par sahi tera koochaa
yeh bhi sadiyon ka faaslaa hoga
ghar jalataa hai roshini ke liye
koi mujhsaa bhi dil jalaa hoga

Rough English translation
Today, I will meet her again; Who knows what will happen then
The skies are crying since the last two days; you must have said something (to make that happen)
Your home may be, just a short distance away; but it is as if, many eons away
One who burns his own home to get some light, there mustn’t be anybody with as much heart-burn as me.

Link to the ghazal is here –