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Numm means Moist

Numm is the name of a very popular Pakistani drama serial that portrays social issues.[ It is Directed by Ahson Talish, produced by Amjad Hashmi and written by Myra Sajid. The show stars Fawad Khan, Sania Saeed and Kanza Wayne.

Pakistani Drama - Numm

Pakistani Drama – Numm

The show tells the story of strict customs and rituals of feudal and it’s impact. The plot revolves around three people Fawad, Sania and Kanza, which shows the effect of unwise traditions and old customs on this triangle relationship.

The Theme song of Numm is it’s original soundtrack, written by Ahson Talish the director of serial, and composed by Muhammad Agha. The music is separately produced by Haider Hashmi and co-produced by Imran Khalil. The song is sung by talented Faiza Mujahid who rose to fame by Bandya Ho from the 2012 Critically acclaimed Pakistani movie Khuda Kay Liye. The lyrics were penned down by Ahson are given below.

Mumkin hai chashm-e-numm teri, tera guror ho,
Mumkin hai ke yeh aag, paani se dur ho,
Mumkin hai sarayat kare zehar ragoon mein,
Mumkin hai is zehar ka asar dur dur ho,
Mumkin hai mumkin na ho yun mera palat na,
Mumkin hai esterab mein bhi kuch suroor ho,
Mumkin hai aa bhi jao tum mere khayal mein,
Mumkin hai dur dur raho, dur dur ho,
Mumkin hai nazar bhar ke tumhe dekh lein,
Mumkin hai ek nazar mein kabhi ishq dur ho,
Mumkin hai mera veham ho, mera khayal ho,
Mumkin hai mere haal mein bhi tera kasoor ho,
Mumkin hai tujhe chah ke bhi, chah na sakon,
Mumkin hai tere paas bhi aa na sakoon,
Mumkin hao yeh fareeb ho, teri adavat,
Mumkin hai tujhe kehke bhi mil na sakon,
Mumkin hai mujhe pe reham ho ya mujhse saval ho,
Mumkin tai mère saval par woh lajavab ho,
Loose English Translation:
it is possible that your moist eyes, is your arrogance,
It is possible that this fire can be relinquished by water,
It is possible that the poison penetrates into the veins,
It is possible that this poison has repercussion further further,
It is possible that it may not be possible for me to turn back,
It is possible that in uneasiness there is a faint ecstasy,
It is possible that you come to my mind,
It is possible that you stay far far away, you are far away,
It is possible that i keep looking at you,
It is possible that with one look, love passes by,
It is possible that it is my intuition or my thoughts,
It is possible that my state is caused by you,
It is possible that in spite of loving you, i cannot love you,
It is possible that i cannot come close to you,
It is possible that your hatred is a lie,
It is possible that even after commitment i cannot be yours,
It is possible that i attain mercy or i am questioned,
It is possible that on my questioning, he shows brilliance,
You can hear the original soundtrack by clicking on the link below: