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Shokh is a beautiful lafz that indicates naughtiness, mischief, to be skittish or lively. Often used to describe a charming personality and specifically a beloved’s eyes and temperament. (It is different from the lafz Shok which means to be sad or to mourn)

Here is a ghazal immortalised by Jagjit & Chitra Singh and penned by Roshan Nadan, that uses ‘shokh’ in one of its verses:

Baad Muddat Unhe Dekh Kar Yun Lagaa
Jaise Betaab Dil Ko Qaraar Aa Gaya
Aarzuon Ke Gul Muskuraane Lage
Jaise Gulshan Mein Jaan-E-Bahaar Aa Gayaa

Tishnaa Nazarein Mili Shokh Nazaron Se Jab
Mai Barasne Lagi Jaam Bharne Lagaa
Saaqiyaa Aaj Teri Zaroorat Nahin
Bin Piye Bin Pilaaye Khumaar Aa Gayaa

Raat Sone Lagi Subah Hone Lagi
Shammaa Bujhne Lagi Dil Machalne Lage
Waqt Ki Roshini Mein Nahayi Hui
Zindagi Pe Ajab Saa Nikhaar Aa Gayaa

Har Taraf Mastiyaan Har Taraf Dilkashi
Muskuraate Dilon Mein Khushi Hi Khushi
Kitnaa Chaahaa Magar Phir Bhi Uth Na Sakaa
Teri Mehfil Mein Jo Ek Baar Aa Gayaa

English translation below –
After such a long time when I saw you
My anxious heart felt at peace at last
Flowers of my desired began to smile
As the garden is when Spring comes upon it

When my eyes filled with longing and desire met your attractive daring look
Wine started flowing, Goblets began to get filled
O bartender, I don’t need you to pour a drink today
Even without drinking, I feel intoxicated

The night passed into morning
Candles started flickering, my heart started to flutter
In the bright light of timeliness
My life was bestowed with a shine

There was happiness and joy everywhere
Tons of happiness within smiling hearts
No matter how much one tried, but one couldn’t leave
Once they had come to your gathering

Link to the ghazal is here – Baad Muddat Unhe Dekh kar

Here is another couplet by Mirza Ghalib from the ghazal ‘Har Ek baat Pe’ with the lafz ‘shokh’ –
na shole mein ye karishmaa na barq mein ye adaa
koi bataao ki vo shokh-e-tund-Khuu kyaa hai

Blazing lights are not a miracle, Lightning doesn’t have that charm
Someone tell me what is this mischievous, hot-tempered behaviour

Here is another ‘shokh’ couplet by Shakeel Badayuni in the ghazal ‘Tumse Izhaar-e-haal kar baithe’

ye adaayen ye shokhiyan taubaa
bas khudaa hii khudaa hai us dil ka
jo tumhaara khayaal kar baithe
bekhudii me.n kamaal kar baiThe
tumase izahaar-e-haal kar baithe

This charm and mischief, Forgive me
Only God can save that heart
That ends up lost in your thoughts
In that lost state, it unknowingly ends up
Confessing the state of its heart to you