Fehrist – means a list or a catalogue; Fehrist-e-alfaaz is a list of words; Fehrist mazmeen is a table of contents

For example – it can be used in a sentence like ‘tumne toh shikayatoN ki poori fehrist suna dee’ translated in English as You have narrated an entire list of complaints!

The very informative website ‘Faiz-e-zabaan’ has a section called Fehrist (catalogue or index) which aims to provide a catalogue of all articles and columns published online as well as in the print media concerning the Urdu language and literature. As mentioned on their website “For the sake of convenience we have named this project simply as “Fehrist”, even though it could properly be called Fehrist-e-maqaalaat” (فهرست مقالات) for a catalogue of articles or “Fehrist-e-iblaagh” (فهرست ابلاغ) for a catalogue of all communications. Together with project “Khabaryaabi (خبریابی), it is called the “Media Catalogue” on Faiz-e-Zabaan. The project started in May 2012, but unlike the Khabaryaabi project, it will also provide articles and columns published before 2012.

This can be accessed at http://fehrist.faiz-e-zabaan.org/