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Falak – sky

This urdu word has its origin in arabic. Equivalent Hindi words are gagan, aasmaan, akash.

Poet Gulzar has used this word beautifully in the song ” Mera Yaar milla de” from the film ‘Saathiya’. The music is composed by A. R. Rehman. The lyrics and the translation is given below:

Still from Indian film " Saathiya"

Still from Indian film ” Saathiya”

Banjar hai sab banjar hai hum dhoondhne jab firdaus chale

Teri khoj-talaash mein dekh piya, hum kitne kaale kos chale
Banjar hai sab banjar hai
Seeking my heaven, all I see is this barren land
How many joyless miles must I travel looking for you?
It’s just wilderness all around ..
Mainda yaar mila de saaiyaan, ik vaar mila de saaiyaan
God, please unite me with my lover. At least once, let me meet my lover.
Maine pota-pota falak chhaana, maine tote-tote taare chune
I have searched through every inch of sky with my fingertips and shattered the stars to pieces.

Taaron ki chamak ye subaho talak, lagti hi nahin pal bhar ko palak
The incessant starlight till the morning, doesn’t let me sleep even for a second.
Maine pota-pota falak chhaana, maine tote-tote taare chune
Sirf ek teri aahat ke liye kankad, patthar, but saare sune
Hun mainey te ruswaaiyaan
 I have split open the sky and shattered the stars to pieces
Seeking the sound of your footsteps, I’ve borne the silence of pebbles, stones and idols alike.
And yet I find only disgrace

Mainda yaar mila de saaiyaan, ik vaar mila de saaiyaan
Aa dekh meri peshaani ko taqdeer ke harfe likkhe hain
Come, and see the words of fate written on my forehead (I am destined to be with you. Can’t you see that?
Pairon ke nishaan jab dekhe jahaan sau baar jhukaaya sar ko wahaan
Wherever I see even the hint of your footsteps, I bow my head a hundred times
Aa dekh meri peshaani ko taqdeer ke harfe likkhe hain
Main kitni baar pukaarun tujhe, tere naam ke safhe likkhe hain
Do you not see the words of fate written on my forehead?
How many times must I call out to you? Pages have been written only of your name.
Tera saaya kahin to bolega, main sunta raha parchhaiyaan 
I kept on listening to shadows in the hope of listening to your shadow
Click below to hear the song:

Falaknuma Palace:

Falak-numa means “Like the Sky” or “Mirror of the Sky” in Urdu.

Falaknuma Palace- Taj

Falaknuma Palace- Taj

Falaknuma Palace is one of the finest palaces in HyderabadAndhra PradeshIndia. It belonged to Paigah Hyderabad State, and it was later owned by the Nizams. It is on a 32-acre area in Falaknuma, 5 km from Charminar. It was built by Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra, the then-prime minister of Hyderabad and the uncle and brother-in-law of H.H. The Nizam VI, Nawab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Bahadur.

In 2000 Taj Hotels started renovating and restoring the palace. The renovated hotel was opened in November 2010. The rooms and halls were decorated with ornate furniture, rich handcrafted tapestries and brocade from France. The interiors are a splendid interplay of Venetian chandeliers and intricate frescos and have charming outdoor terraces with a treasure of rare artefacts, including paintings, statues, furniture, manuscripts and books. The palace has a 101-seat dining hall, considered the largest in the world, and the Durbar Hall, embellished with intricately carved wooden ceilings, parquet flooring, regal walnut wood furniture and handcrafted mirrors.