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Dast – means hand or arm. Metaphorically it is also used for skill or authority

This couplet by Saleem Kausar below uses the lafz dast, made popular by Mehdi Hassan  –

main kisi ke dast-e-talab mein hoon to kisi ke harf-e-duaa mein hoon
main naseeb hoon kisii aur kaa mujhe maangataa koi aur hai

I’m under the power of someone’s hand, I’m in someone’s prayers and wishes; I’m someone else’s destiny, someone else asks for me

Several words use ‘dast’ as a part of a larger word.

Zabardast – one who has a skilful hand (zabar means upper; zabardast means one who is skilled or awesome at something)

Dastak dena – to knock (with your hand)

Dastakhat – signature, the unique writing of your hand

Guldasta – handful of flowers

Ghalib’s ghazal below has a couplet that uses this lafz as “dast-o-baazuu” which means arms/hands and shoulders:

ye hum jo hijr mein diivaar-o-dar ko dekhte hain
kabhii sabaa ko kabhii naamaabar ko dekhte hain

In separation, these walls and doors that I look at
Sometimes I see the breeze, sometimes the messenger

vo aaye ghar mein hamaare Khudaa kii kudarat hai
kabhii ham un ko kabhii apane ghar ko dekhte hain

She came to my home, it is the blessing/power of the universe (of God)
Sometime I look at her, sometime at my house I look

nazar lage na kahin uske dast-o-baazuu ko
ye log kyon mere zaKhm-e-jigar ko dekhte hain

May the evil eye not fall upon her (her arms and shoulders)
Why do these people look at the wounds of my love

tere javaahiir-e-tarf-e-kulah ko kyaa dekhen
hum auj-e-taalaa-e-laal-o-guhar ko dekhte hain

Why should I look at the jewels your crown
I see the height of the fortune of diamonds and pearls

Here is a link to the ghazal: