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Iztirab – anxiety, uneasiness
Ishtiyaq – wish, liking, fondness

These two lafz have been woven together beautifully by Maulana Hasrat Mohani in the following couplet from the popular ghazal ‘Chhupke Chhupke Raat Din Aasoon Bahana Yaad Hai’. It is a classical Urdu poem that represents the culture of India during Mughal Dynasty.

Baahazaaraan iztiraab-o-sad-hazaaraan ishtiyaaq
tujhako Wo pehle-pahal Dil Ka Lagaana Yaad Hai
Chupke chupke raat din aansuu bahanaa yaad hai
Ham ko ab tak aashiqii kaa vo zamaanaa yaad hai

Rough English translation:
With a thousand anxieties and a hundred thousand wishes
I still remember how I first lost my heart to you
I remember secretly shedding tears night and day
I still recall the days of our romance and love

The poem became famous after it was sung by Ghulam Ali in the film Nikaah (1982). Below is a clip of Ghulam Ali singing a rendition of the song: