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Tarteeb means an arrangement or a line (of something)



This beautiful Ibteda (the beginning) written by Gulzar for the TV serial Mirza Ghalib, sketches a vivid description to Ghalib’s house in Old Delhi, and uses the lafz ‘tarteeb’. To read the entire piece, pls refer to our blogpost here https://urduwallahs.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/asadallah-khan-ghalib-ka-pata-milta-hai/ 

Below is an extract from ‘Ibteda’.

Isee be-noor andheri see gali qaasim se
Ek tarteeb chiragon kee shuru hoti hai
Ek quran-e-sukhan ka safa khulta hai
Asadallah Khan Ghalib ka pata milta hai.

(Rough English translation – From this very dark (without any lights) lane, Gali Qasim, An arrangement (a string) of lamps begins, A page from the Quran of Poems turns, And one finds the address to Asadullah Khan Ghalib.)

Tarteeb-el-Baya is also a book, manuscript, or rather a lectionary of responses (Gospel responses and conclusion canons) and is quite large. Most of the responses are not translated into Arabic at all. It seems to have been the common practice of liturgical responses in the 16th to 18th centuries and has been abandoned in the current practice.

Tarteeb is also a Dubai based full-service public relations and marketing firm, focusing on customized strategic and innovative campaigns for our clients. They specialize in brand building campaigns and product launches to create excitement among the media, buyers, the end consumer and the business community. The picture on their website homepage (Tarteeb.com) extends the idea of tarteeb as an arrangement