Nijaat (نجات‎) – means freedom, liberation

Is jahan ke dukhon se nijaat mil jayay,
tum jo mil jao to hayaat mil jayay,

(Rough English translation – I would be freed from the worries and troubles of this world, If only I got you I would get my life)

Nijaat is also a thirteen-episode Pakistani television drama serial produced by Pakistan Television Corporation. The drama shows the different roles of women in Pakistan. It compares the women in the village to the urban women. It emphasizes on family planning, child labor and community health reforms. (source: wikipedia)

NIJAAT.org is also the brain-child of Haji Faruque Azam & Haji Hyder Azam who are the Convenor & Co-Convener respectively of this National Institute of Jihad Against Atrocities & Terrorism. NIJAAT came into being after the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. ‘NIJAAT’ literally means ‘Liberation’ in Urdu & in Hindi ‘NI-JAAT’ means ‘One who belongs to no creed’. NIJAAT aims to unite people of all religions, creeds & castes to come under a single banner to eradicate terrorism, communialism and other such menaces to society by tackling the problems at the grass-root level before they culminate into something dangerous.