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Momin Khan Momin( 1801-1852) is one of the three great poets of Delhi of his time- the other two being Ghalib and Zauq. His poetry enlivened the hopes and hearts of people in the dying days of the Moghul empire. Momin was also called “Hakeem Khan” because he was

Momin Khan Momin

Momin Khan Momin

also a physician. Hakeem is an Urdu word for physician.


One of his very famous ghazal starts with:

Woh jo hum mein tum mein qaraar tha, tumheiN yaad ho ke na yaad hoo
Vohee yaani va’ada nibah ka, tumhaiN yaad ho ke na yaad ho
That understanding which we had between us… whether you remember it or not…
That promise of trust and faithfulness…whether you remember it or not…
Another poem is given below:
Har waqt hai dushman, har ek baat hai taana,
Phir is pe bhi kahta hai ke main kuchh nahin kahta.
Momin ba-khuda sihar bayani ka jabhi tak,
Har ek ko daawa hai ke main kuchh nahin kahta
Forever doth he rebuke me, forever doth he taunt,
On top of it complains, i don’t speak a word.
The claim of poetic eloquence which everyone doth flaunt,
By God, Momin, will sound hollow if i speak a word.