Here is a beautiful ghazal penned by Meraj Faizabadi, and sung in the mellifluous voice of Jagjit Singh.

Tere baare main jab socha nahi tha
Main tanha tha magar itna nahi tha

Teri tasveer se karta tha batein
Mere kamre main aina nahi tha

Samunder ne mujhey pyasa kiya tha
main jab sehra mein tha pyasa nahi tha

Manaane ruthney ke khel main hum
Bhichad jayenge ye socha nahi tha

The English translation is below:

 When I had not thought of you, I was alone, but not as much as I am now

I would talk to your photographs, I did not have a mirror in my room

The ocean made me realize my thirst, When I was at the shore, I was not thirsty

In this game of making up and breaking up, I had not thought we would eventually be separated

And the song in Jagjit Singh’s voice is available at the link below: