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Did You Know –
The first book in Urdu is known to be Sabras (سب رس), written in 1635-36 by Mullah Asadullah Wajhi. It’s an allegorical mystical romance translated from the Persian Masnavi Dastur-e-Ushshaq and Husn-o-dil by Mohammad Yahya Ibn-e-Saibak, written about two centuries earlier. The copies of Sabras were handwritten as the printing press had not yet reached India at that time.

The first Urdu book printed by a printing press brought to India by the Portuguese, was Bagh-o-bahar (باغ و بہار) by Mir Amman, published in 1801.

Source: 10 Facts about the Urdu language, available at http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/other/urdu/guide/facts.shtml