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Muddatein ho ke teri yaad bhi aaye na hamein,
Aur tumhe bhul gaye hon, aisa bhi nahi.
True, that for long I haven’t thought of you,
But to say that I have forgotten you would also be untrue.
This couplet has been written by renowned poet Firaaq Gorakhpuri. His poetry and personality were nurtured by several diverse influences. He was influenced by English poetry, in particular by the Romantics. He also imbibed within him the spirit of ancient Hindu thought and culture, as reflected in Hindi and Sanskrit literature. Firaaq is sometimes accused of coarse sensuality in his treatment of love and women but to his defense, he seems to have found a unity between man and nature, body and spirit, all of which were for him the manifestations of the same divine energy. Join us as we discuss and debate Firaaq Gorakhpuri and his magnificent body of work at our next mehfil.
Time- 7pm-9pm
Place- Prithvi. Juhu