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Fareb – means trickery, deception

tu hazaar kartaa lagaavaten main kabhi na aataa fareb mein
mujhe pehle is ki khabar na thi teraa do hi din ka ye pyaar hai
– Akbar Allahabadi

Loose English translation: You would beckon me with your love a thousand times yet I wouldn’t be taken in my your trickery; Had I known from before that your love is fleeting and shortlived

abhii to subah ke maathe kaa rang kaalaa hai
abhii fareb na khaao, baRaa andheraa hai
– by Sagar Siddiqui
Loose English translation: The morning is still coloured in black; Do not be deceived yet, it is still dark outside

Fareb is also 1996 Bollywood thriller film directed by Vikram Bhatt. The film marks the debut of actors Faraaz Khan and Suman Ranganathan and also star Miling Gunaji. It was released on 28 June 1996. The film is a remake of the 1992 thriller Unlawful Entry. Jatin-Lalit’s msic also became a highlight of the movie. (Source: wikipedia)