Fitrat – means the inherent nature of something or someone, the inner wisdom

A couplet in the beautiful ghazal “Tanha tanha mat socha kar”, penned by Farhat Shehzad and made popular by Mehdi Hassan’s melodious voice, uses the lafz ‘fitrat’ very effectively.

Here is the entire ghazal for your pleasure –

tanha tanha mat socha kar
mar jayega mat socha kar
Don’t sit in solitude and think so much
You will reach the end of your life, don’t think so much

pyar ghadi bhar ka hi bohat hai
sacha jhoota mat socha kar
Love, for just a moment, can last a lifetime
Was it true love or false, don’t think about it

jiski fitrat hi dasna ho
wo to dasega mat socha kar
One whose inherent nature is to sting,
He will surely sting, don’t think so much about it

dhuup mein tanha kar jaata hai
kyun ye saayah mat socha kar
In sunlight, it leaves me unsheltered and alone
Why does my shadow, don’t think about it

apna aap ganvaakar tuune
paaya hai kya mat socha kar
By losing yourself completely,
What have you gained, don’t think about it

maan mere ‘Shehzad’ vagarna
pachchtayega mat socha kar

Agree with me ‘Shehzad’, or else
You will regret it, don’t think so much

Here is Mehdi Hassan’s rendition –


Abdurrauf Fitrat (1886–1938) was also the most prominent modernist figure in Russian Central Asia. Born in Bukhara, in 1909 he went to Istanbul to study literature and history. He returned in 1914, and became involved in cultural activities. He was involved with the Yeni Bukharlylar or Young Bukharians, a revolutionary group modelled on the Young Turks which was active with the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution. In 1920 he became Chief Minister of economics and minister of education in the Bukharan People’s Soviet Republic, but was ousted in 1923. He then worked as a scholar of Central Asian Turkic culture, before being arrested in 1937 as part of the Great Purge. He was executed in 1938. (Source: wikipedia)