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Ajab apna hal hota jo visaal-e-yaar hota
Kabhi jan sadqe hoti kabhi dil nisar hota
Strange my state would have been, if my beloved had come to see me,
Sometimes I would surrender my heart, sometimes my soul to her

Na mazaa hai dushmani main na hai lutf dosti main
Koi gair gair hota koi yar yar hota
There is no pleasure in enmity nor allure in friendship
Someone has to be an enemy and someone a friend must be

Ye mazaa tha dillagi ka ke barabar aag lagti
Na tumhen qaraar hota na hamain qaraar hota
Amazing it would have been if the fire of love was the same on both sides
Neither you would be at ease, nor would I have been at peace

Tere waade par sitamagar abhi aur sabr karte
Agar apni zindagi ka hamain aitabar hota
My merciless beloved, I would have more patience with your promises
If only I had a guarantee on how long I would live

Chitra Singh has given her mellifluous voice to this beautiful ghazal by Daagh Dehlvi: