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Given below is a beautiful poem by Poet Mirza Ghalib for you to relish and enjoy. Excerpts of this poems are very popular and have been used as songs and dialogues in various Indian films.
Ibn-e- Mariam Hua Kare koi,
Mere dukh ki dawa Kare koi.
Bootless to me the miracles of Christ,
Unless someone cures my ache
Shara -o-aaen par madaar sahi,
Aise qaatil ka kya kare koi.
Law and scripture could sure be invoked,
But an assassin like him is beyond their pale
Chaal jaise kari kamman ka tir,
Dil mein aise ke ja kare koi.
Sharp is my love like a shooting dart,
Who can carve a place in his heart.
Baat par waan zabaan kat-ti hai,
who kahe aur suna kare koi.
To open your lips is to lose your tongue,
He alone will speak, others must hear
Bak raha hoon junoon mein kya kya kuchh,
Kuch na samjhe khuda kare koi.
O, how i prate in frenzied state,
let non grasp my meaning, o lord.
Na suno gar bura kahe koi,
na kaho gar bura kare koi.
Hear not if evil someone speaks,
Retaliate not if evil someone does.
Rok lo gar ghalat chale koi,
Baksh do gar khata kare koi.
Restrain the man who goes astray,
Forgive, if someone is at fault.
Kaun hai jo nahin hai haajitmand,
Kis hi haajit rawa kare koi.
Find me the man who is not needy,
who can cater to everyones need.
Kya kiya Khizr ne Sikander se,
Ab kise rehnuma kare koi.
What did Khizr do for Alexander,
Who should now one take for a guide.
Jab tawaqqu hi uth gaye Ghalib
Kyon kisi ka gila kare koi.
When all expectations is shed, Ghalib
Why should one complain



Translation: Masterpieces of Urdu Ghazals -K.C Kanda