Daagh DehlviNawab Mirza Khan (1831–1905) commonly known as Daagh Dehlvi was an outstanding Mughal poet famous for his Urdu ghazals and belonged to the Delhi school of Urdu poetry. He wrote poems and ghazals under the takhallus (Urdu word for nom de plume) Daagh Dehlvi
Daagh is an Urdu noun that means grief or taint, while Dehlvi means belonging to or from Delhi.
Here is a mesmerizing ghazal penned by Daagh, with the loose English translation below each couplet:

Uzr aane mein bhi hai aur bulaate bhi nahin
Baa’is-e-tark-e-mulaaqaat bataate bhi nahin

You hesitate to come and you do not call me, either
You do not tell me your reasons for ending our relationship either

Khoob parda hai ke chilaman se lage baithe hain
Saaf chupte bhi nahi saamane aate bhi nahin

There is a lot hidden when you are sitting next to the curtain
Neither do you hide completely nor are you visible clearly

Ho chuka qata ta’lluq toh jafaayen kyon hon
Jinko matalab nahin rahataa hai woh sataate bhi nahin

If the relationship has ended, why continue the tyranny?
Those who don’t have a reason, don’t tease and trouble, either

Zist se tang ho ae Daag toh jeetey kyon hon
Jaan pyari bhi nahin jaan se jaate bhi nahin

If you are troubled and tired of life, O Daagh, then why do you continue to live?
Life doesn’t seem to be valuable to you and you do not leave it, either