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Celebrating Urdu through 100 Years of Indian Cinema

In an excerpt from the film Mughal-e-Azam the protagonist Anarkali tells Emperor Akbar: “Shahenshah ki In Behishab Bakshishon Ke Badle Mein, Ye Kaneez Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar Ko Apna Khoon Maaf Karti Hai.”
Translated as “In return for your Majesty’s magnanimous gifts, this slave forgives Jalaluddin Mohammed Akbar for her murder.
The execution and delivery of this dialogue by actress Madhubala brings these lines alive.

At Mehfil this month, we have set the stage for filmmakers and writers who have created indelible masterpieces. Teams of writer/directors who have been influenced by Urdu literature, whose films exude the presence of Urdu in their dialogues, lyrics, and also who have managed to incorporate the Urdu culture within the framework of their films, over the decades of Indian cinema, will be part of the discussion at the next gathering.

Date: 12.02.13
Time: 7pm
Venue: Prithvi theatre, Juhu