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Mukhatib – This word has an arabic origin which means to address or approach someone (sometime in the context of accosting someone). The word ‘Khatib’ is derived from it, which means a person who delivers an address.

Example: Neta ne awaam ko mukhatib kiya (The politician addressed or spoke to the people)

Firaq Gorakhpuri’s beautiful couplet below has used this lafz:

Tum mukhatib bhi ho kareeb bhi ho
Tum ko dekhe ya tumse baat kare.
– Firaq Gorakhpuri

The poet is trying to express that he is extremely mesmerized with beauty of his partner. He can talk to her as his audience (as in, from a distance), yet she is so close to him that he is so engulfed, he wonders whether he should keep looking at her or talk to her.