The Urdu lafz for today is Tawajjuh – means attention or focus. The root of the lafz is from ‘wajh’ which means face, thus the meaning comes from the idea of having one’s face focused or directed towards something, especially towards God.

Sahir Ludhianvi’s beautiful nazm, of the same name, is below, in which he extols the benefits of a lack of attention from your beloved (contrary to the general notion that attention is an essential ingredient in love), as that leads to creating new dimensions in love to keep the connect between lovers intact:

Jab kabhi un ki tawajjuh mein kami paayi gayi
Aza sara-e-nau dastaan-e-sauqa dohari gayi

Bik gaye jab tere lab phir tujh ko kya shikwa agar
Zindagani baada-o-saaghar se behlayi gayi

Aye gham-e-duniya tujhe kiya ilm tere vaaste
Kin bahano se tabiyat raah par layi gayi

Hum kare tark-e-wafa acha chalo yunhi sahi
Aur agar tark-e-wafa se bhi na rusvai gayi

Dil ki dhadkan mein tavajun aa chala hai, khair ho
Meri nazre bujh gayi ya teri rainai gayi

Un ka gham, un ka tasavvur, unke shikve ab kahan
Ab toh yeh baatein bhi, aye dil, ho gayi, aayi gayi

Arsa-e-hasti mein ab teesha-zano ka daur hai
Rasm-e-changezi uthi, toh qaihar-e-darai gayi

The loose English translation is below:

Whenever the attention of my love was diverted, We repeated the story of our love, with a new dimension

 When your lips are not for me, why do you complain, If life was comforted with cup and wine instead

Oh world of sorrow, you know not that for you, How many excuses were used to overcome the state my heart was in

If I am to be loyal, then so be it, But what if my loyalty also doesn’t restore me from my disrepute

My heart is getting attention again, beware, Is it my lack of spirit or your lack of tension.

Where has the sorrow, the imagination and complaints of the beloved gone, All conversations about these matters, my heart, are over and done

In the domain of the world now, it is the time for people who question, Tyranny and dictatorship has disappeared, power of a few has gone away.

 The poem in Urdu and Hindi scripts is below, from the book “Poems of Sahir Ludhianvi”

urdu and hindi