Gardish – means cyclical, revolving (as in revolving around the orbit in the galaxy)
Rang refers to colours and Chaman means garden.
Hence gardishe-rangey-chaman refers to the changing of the seasons.

It is also the title of the a book by Qurratulain Haider. The inspiration of the title was taken from a Mirza Ghalib couplet:

Gardish-e-rangé chaman hai mah o sal-e-andalib (The days and nights of the nightingale revolve around the changing hues of the garden) – Ghalib

Interestingly, the name of the female protagonist in Haider book was Andalib Bano Begum, meaning nightingale (bulbul), also inspired by the couplet.

Young AineeA legendary Urdu writer, Haider remained fascinated by the various permutations of the Indian nautch girl throughout her literary career. In Gardish-e-Rang-e-Chaman, which is considered to be a semi-documentary work, she blurs the boundaries between the respectable and the non-respectable. (Source: