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Here is one of Sahir non-film poems which gives such a different light to the classic love story of Nur Jehan and Mughal Emperor, Jehangir.

Nur Jahan Ke Mazaar Par

Pahlu-e-shah mein ye dukhtar-e-jamhur ki kabar
Kitne gumgushta fasano ka pata deti hai
Kitne khurez hakayak se uthati hai naqaab
Kitni kuchli hui jaano ka pata deti hi

Kaise maghroor shahenshahon ki taski ke liye
Saal-ha-saal haseenao ke bazaar lage
Kaise behki hui nazro ki taeesh ke liye
Surkh mehlo mein, jawan jismo ke ambaar lage

Sehmi-sehmi si fizayon mein ye veeran markad
Itne khamosh hai fariyaad kuna ho jaise
Sard shakhon mein hawa cheekh rahi hai aise
Rooh-e-takdees-o-wafa marsiya-khuwan ho jaise

Tu meri jaan hairat-o-hasrat se na dekh
Hum mein koi bhi jahaan nur-o-jehangir nahi
Tu mujhe chhod ke thukra ke bhi ja sakti hai
Tere haatho mein mere haath hai zanjeer nahi

The English translation is below:
In front of the King, this tomb of a commoner’s daughter
Is a touching reminder to many a forgotten tale
It lifts the veil of mystery from many gruesome facts
It speaks of many a crushed souls

For the pleasure and satisfaction of such conceited Kings
Year on year, beautiful ladies were put on display
For the pleasure and enjoyment of lustful eyes
In grand palaces, young bodies were dishonored

In wonderful environs, this sole mausoleum
Is so calm and still as if whispering an apology
The wind is whistling through scant branches
As if the soul is reciting its eulogy

You, my love, do not look on which such surprise
None of us are Nur Jehan or Jehangir like
You can leave me, crush me, if you so wish
In your hands are my hands, not chains that suppress you

And the Urdu and Hindi scripts are below:Picture1