Did you Know – in 1949, a warrant was issued against Sahir Ludhianvi, by the Government of Pakistan, for his explosive writing in Savera, a magazine published in Pakistan.

After the publishing of his first work in Urdu, “Talkhiyaan” in 1945, Sahir started editing four magazines, “Adab-e-Lateef”, “Shahkaar”, “Prithlari”, and “Savera”. These magazines achieved immense success. However, due to his writing in “Savera”, the government of Pakistan issued an arrest warrant against him.
This compelled him to flee from Lahore in 1949 and he landed in Delhi. After spending a couple months there, he traveled to Bombay where he settled for the rest of his life and created history through his illustrious works. A friend of his recalls Sahir telling him “Bombay needs me!”.