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Did you know that poet Sahir Ludhianvi fought for, and became the first lyricist/ songwriter to get royalties from music companies.

Sahir insisted on writing the songs before the song was composed, against the Bollywood norm. However, some of his songs were written after the tunes were ready, for example, (Naya Daur 1957 – music by O.P. Nayyar). At the height of his popularity, he is known to have demanded a rupee more than what was paid to Lata Mangeshkar for singing it. It was on Sahir’s insistence that All India Radio started crediting lyricists along with singers and music composers for songs it aired.

Sahir Ludhianvi has made two very important contributions to Indian cinema. Firstly, he made sure lyricists received due recognition for their work and secondly, it was due to him that lyric writing got the credit of an art form.