Talkhiyaan means bitterness, in Urdu.

TalkhiyaanTalkhiyaan, a book of poems, was Sahir Ludhianvi’s first work in Urdu, published in 1945, while he was still a student in Lahore. He was unable to find a publisher for the same, initially. Finally, after two years of shuffling between Ludhiana and Lahore, he found a publisher in 1945.
The book became very popular and Sahir was hailed as an upcoming poet at the time. Other than 20+ editions in Urdu and 12+ in Hindi as well as reprints in other Indian languages, it has also been translated into many international languages including English, Russian, Arabic, Persian and Czech.

A couplet from the book is below:

duniyaa ne tajurbaat-o-havaadis kii shakl meN
jo kuchh mujhe diyaa hai wo lautaa rahaa hoon main

The world in the form of challenges and experiments
Whatever has given me, I return with compliments
-Sahir Ludhianvi