Sahir means Magician, Conjurer, Enchanter,Wizard, Charmer



Sahir is a common name given to boys in India. Renowned poet and lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi was actually born as Abdul Hayee in Ludhiana. Sahir was his takhallus (pen name).

The couplet below was the part of a song in the film Sazaa (1951). Sahir Ludhianvi had written the lyrics for the film, Lata Mangeshkar had sung the song and the music was composed by S. D. Burman.

Tum Na jane kis jahan me kho gaye.
Hum bhari duniya me tanha ho gaye.
Loose translation:
I don’t know which universe you lost yourself in.
I feel lonely in this world full of people.
There  is a lot of blogs and websites dedicated to Sahir and the plethora of this work.
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