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Musalsal means successive, a series, linked, chained.

It was used by the legendary Urdu poet Kaifi Azmi in an illustrative poem on and about Nehru:

Uski taqdeer thi ek musalsal talaash; Khud ko dhoodha kiya har fasane mein who

Translated by Pavan K. Varma in the Penguin Poetry book “Selected Poems: Kaifi Azmi” as: His destiny was an unending search; He looked for himself in every story he read.

The lafz  musalsal has also been used enchantingly in the beautiful song ‘Phir le aaya dil’ from the recently released film Barfi, sung in Rekha Bharadwaja’s haunting voice.

Dil keh raha hai
Use musalsal Kar bhi aao
Wo jo ruki si Raah baaki hai
Wo jo ruki si Chaah baaki hai
Wo jo ruki si Chaah baaki hai

Loosely translated in English as:

the heart says, go make it forever and unending (as if a chain),
that stuck path that is there,
that stuck wish that is there..
that stuck love that is there..