Zaheen means someone who is sensible, samajhdaar in Hindi.

Khush-shakl bhi hai who, yeh alag baat hai magar
Humko zaheen log hamesha azeez the
– Javed Akhtar

A rough English translation of this couplet is below:

He is good looking as well, that is a different matter
I have always held sensible people close to my heart

Zaheen Shah Taji, born in Jaipur as Muhammad Tuaseen (1902-1978), was also a great sufi of the sub-continent as well as an Urdu poet, philosopher and scholar of high repute. He was in direct lineage from Umer Farooq and was adapted in Chishtia order of sufism by Syed Muhammad Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri. He used Zaheen as his takhallus or pen name.

Taji translated two important works of Ibn Arabi Fusus-ul-Hukm and Fatuhat al-Makiyyah and also translated Al-Hallaj’s Kitab-ut-Tawaseen in Urdu amongst many other books in Urdu and Persian the most prominent being the Taj-ul-Auliya (biography of Ba Ba Tajuddin Nagpuri). Prominent scholars who used to attend his gatherings were Maulana Mahir-ul-Qadri, Prof. A. B. A. Haleem, Prof. Karrar Hussain, Maulana Kausar Niazi, Hasrat Kasganjvi, Ilyas Ishqui, Abul Khair Kashfi, Josh Malihabadi, Rais Amrohvi and Syed Muhammad Taqi.

(Source: wikipedia)