Did you know that renowned poet Kaifi Azmi (1919 –2002) wrote his first ghazal at the age of eleven.
His  ghazal Itna To Zindagi Mein Kisi Ki Khalal Pade (May there be at least so much turbulence in one’s life) found its way at a mushaira (poetry reading session), but most of the people, including his father, thought he recited his elder brother’s ghazal. When his elder brother denied it, his father decided to test Kaifi Azmi’s poetic talent. He gave him one of the lines of a couplet and asked him to write a ghazal in the same meter and rhyme. Azmi accepted the challenge and completed a ghazal. This particular ghazal was to become a rage in undivided India and it was immortalized as it was sung by legendary ghazal singer, Begum Akhtar.
Kaifi Azmi  with daughter Shabana Azmi

Kaifi Azmi with daughter Shabana Azmi


* Kaifi Azmi is survived by his wife Shaukat Azmi (Indian veteran actress), daughter Shabana Azmi (Indian Actress of film, television and theatre) and a son, Baba Azmi (Indian Cinematographer).