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Shikast means defeat

Given below are beautiful couplets using this lafz:

jahaan-e-dil pe huquumat tumhein mubaarak ho
rahii shikast to woh apne naam kar loonga

Rough English Translation: I congratulate you on your victory over the world of hearts; As for the defeat, I will put my name to it.

Kaifi Azmi

duur hai manzil, raahein mushkil, aalam hai tanhai kaa
aaj mujhe ehasaas huaa hai apani shikastaa-paaii kaa

The destination is far, the road is difficult and I am alone; Today I have come to realise of my broken/defeated feet.

– Shakeel Badayuni

Shikast is also the name of 1953 Hindi film produced and directed by Ramesh Saigal starring Dilip Kumar.