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Hasrat Mohani was a romantic poet of urdu language, journalist, politician, parliamentarian and a fearless freedom fighter of the Indian Sub continent.

Hasrat’s poems break the convention of circumvention or shyness in matters of love and women, and express his feelings with a refreshing directness, but without offending the moral or aesthetic susceptibilities of the readers.

One of his poem Chupke Chupke Raat din has become synonymous with singer Ghulam Ali.

Chupke chupke raat din aansu bahaana yaad hai
Humko ab tak aashiqui ka woh zamaana yaad hai

I remember those silent sessions of weeping day and night,
I haven’t yet forgotten those romantic days of love.

Baa hazaraan iztaraab-o-sad hazaraan ishtiaq,
Tujh se woh pehle pahal dil ka laga yaad hai.

With restlessness unbounded, eagerness unconfined,
I remember the first time I fell in love with you.

Tujh se milte hi woh bebaak ho jaana mera,
Aur daanton mein woh ungli dabana yaad hai.

I remember my bold advances as soon as I met you,
While you stood tongue tied, fiddling with your finger in your mouth.

Kheinch lena woh mera parde ka kona daffatan,
Aur dupatte se tera woh munh chhupana yaad hai.

I remember how I twitched the corner of your cloak, suddenly
And you hiding your face behind the veil, I do remember.

Jaan kar sota tujhe woh qasad –e-paabosi mera,
Aur tera thukra ke sar woh muskarana yaad hai.

How I tried to kiss you, deeming you asleep,
And how you spurned me with a little smile, I still remember.

Tujh ko jab tanha kabhi paana to az raah-e-lihaz,
Haal-e-dil baton hi baton mein jitanan yaad hai.

Finding you alone sometimes, now with caution due,
By and by I’d tell my tale, I well remember.

Jab siwa mere tumhara koi diwana na tha,
Sach kaho kya tum ko bhi who kaarkhana yaad hai.

Do you remember that time, o love,
When suitors you had none but me?

Ghair ki nazroon se bachkar, sabki marzi ke khilaf,
Who tera chori chipe raaton ko aana yaad hai.

Avoiding all eyes, defying all injunctions,
I remember you visiting me stealthily at night.

Below is a clip from the film Nikaah, produced and directed by B.R. Chopra, wherein Gulam ali sings this song.